Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day At The Beach

Donald and I left Raleigh at 6:45 and made it to Linda and Keith's house by 9. We were on the water before 10.

As soon as we got to the island, we set up camp.

Donald and Linda don't get much time together anymore, so it was nice to catch just the two of them. I wonder how many times they've gazed at the water just like this?

Donald and Keith were friends long before Keith and Linda ever started dating. As a matter of fact, I think Donald is the one that introduced them.

From where we were sitting, you could see the north end of Wrightsville Beach. That's Shell Island Resort in the background.

The egrets were out feeding.

All good things must come to an end, and in this case, it was the tide coming in that brought an end to our perfect morning. You can see how the water is filling in the marsh that was behind us. It wouldn't be long before we'd lose the little island we were sitting on.


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maryanne said...

Betsy, I think you're going to be famous one day with your pictures!

shelly said...

we knew you the back of our hand